Educational Issues of Current Concern


Do you have concerns about educational matters and your working conditions?

Did you know that there is a mechanism to get your concerns directly to the Board?

Clause 15.03 of your collective agreement states:

The Board and the teachers recognize the needs and the advantages of improved communications between teachers, trustees, and administrators on educational matters and working conditions of teachers. As such, it is agreed that a liaison committee will be established to discuss educational matters and the working conditions of teachers. The membership of this committee shall be made up of three trustees and three classroom teachers, along with the superintendent and the assistant superintendent of business in an advisory capacity. The committee shall meet within two weeks of either party giving notice of a need for such a meeting. The two parties to the agreement shall advise of the appointees to the committee prior to the first meeting of each year. All items currently under negotiation are excluded from discussion by this committee.

If this committee is for you then contact your Local President, Jennifer Taylor, at